Why You Need Preservatives in Food

Many food ingredients have been used in various types of foodas preservatives. In olden days, salt was used to preserve fish and meat; spices and herbs to heighten the flavor; sugar to preserve fruit; and cucumbers in vinegar solution.

Food preservatives are made up of chemical compounds that are used to store food for a longer time, while retainingits taste and freshness. They help in preserving your homemade cookies or strawberry cakes’ flavor, texture, nutrient value, and color just like when it was baked for the first time.

One such safe food preservative is carrageenan, which is approved by the FDA and many international food organizations.

Food additives are beneficial in many ways besidesjust adding color and flavor to your food:

Why You Need Preservatives in Food

1. Keeps your food fresh and delicious

They prevent food from getting spoiled from bacteria, yeast, fungi, and mold. Food preservatives maintain food quality, and also control the food from contamination that might lead to foodborne diseases. Food preservatives can help fruits hold their nutrient values when exposed to air.

2. Maintains the nutrition content

Appropriate quantities of nutrition supplements are added to certain types of food to balance the diet and boost its quality in terms of nutrition. These added preservatives and supplements have helped reduce malnutrition to a great extent.

3. Enhances texture and appearance

Natural and artificial colors and flavors help enhance taste and also improve the way your food looks. Food consistency and texture are obtained with emulsifiers, thickeners, and stabilizers.

You can find additives that are highly beneficial to control the alkalinity and acidity of food.

Role of preservatives in your food

There are many food ingredients that can be used to preserve food, improveflavor, and emulsify without reducing its nutritional value. All these steps ensure thatyour food is free of contaminants and safe for consumption, while also adding flavor to food.

Food colors are produced synthetically because they replicate its color by creating different color hues. They are intense and inexpensive and called “certified colors.”

Carrageenan is a substance used in food production, processing, packaging, and storage. Thisone-of-a-kind ingredient used in food additives is approved and recognized to use legally.

Did you know?

Sure, carrageenan is used in food preservatives, but did you know that this amazing seaweed extract is also used in health supplements? You better believe it!Its antioxidant properties make it an ideal ingredient in several health supplements.

The next time you reach out for your health supplement, don’t be surprised if you notice carrageenan listed as one of the ingredients in it.

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