Why Do You Require VPN While Accessing Data?

A “normal” Internet connection such as UMTS / GPRS / ISDN / DSL etc. does not include any encryption by default: all data you generate (e-mail, surfing, chatting, etc.) are divided into small packets and unencrypted by the TCP / IP protocol to the receiver.

Subscribers in local networks, e.g. Public hotspots, can listen to these data with simple means. However, it is also possible to simply park near your apartment and to tap your WLAN by laptop.

The following is an example:

They are at home and are surfing over their only WEP-encrypted WLAN. Your neighbor has run “Wireshark” in parallel, a free program for analyzing network communications connections, and cuts everything. Since WEP, as well as WPA, are not safe for a long time, it is easy for your neighbor to generate your WLAN password from the data obtained. In a next step, you will be able to surf your laptop and monitor your laptop in real-time, and get so many of your private data – your bank/account connections, your e-mail credentials, when and where to shop, with whom you chat, and so on.

In many countries the Internet is censored by the government, so many offers (such as Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia) are not available. In these cases, the Internet cannot be fully used without best VPN connection, first, the VPN will give you access to all content worldwide.

Reasons for encryption:

It is not only since the revelations of Edward Snowden on the worldwide and suspicious interception practices of American and English secret services (NSA, GCHQ, etc.) that securing digital communication becomes a basic necessity of the society. Digital communication is an indispensable part of today’s world and encompasses all areas of everyday life. Sensitive, private information does not belong to a postcard, comparable to the letter that protects the message, protects strong encryption from curious data collectors all over the world. Another reason for the nationwide use of VPNs is the ever-increasing censorship – not only in autocratic countries. Blocked websites, non-retrievable information for political or religious reasons, also helps the VPN (virtual private network) – so that no one can monitor which web pages are accessed, also do not access barriers. However, even when choosing the VPN, there are some basic rules to consider – such as choosing the right provider.

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