What client Order: 1-800-database is all about

Are you ever wondered if there is a site for fraudulent contact numbers? Sounds like a government stuff right? Don’t you wish you have that kind of data source? It’s a good way to search for fraudulent numbers and even calls that sound convincing can be traced if there are any existing complaints. In only, if only, if only…

What if there is really such a site? 24/7 service that can be accessed by anyone anytime, anywhere. Introducing:

client Order: 1-800-database it’s a one stop shop (website) that you can look up numbers that you think are suspicious. Thru this site you will be able to:

Know the location: Country, type of service, is code. This can help with your suspicion that the one that contacted you is indeed a fraudulent number. Gives you that ease of mind that you aren’t in trouble and you almost fell for a scam.

Know any existing reports: This will help confirm if the number is indeed fraudulent. It’s a good place to know the historical reports reported for the number that just contacted.  You can even see the pattern or the inconsistencies of the call and it varies from person to person.

Help a fellow human being and add your comments:  now that you have confirmed your suspicion, it’s time now to help a fellow human being and add a comment about your experience about that number. Be clear and specific in your description so that many people can get more out of it and also because these reports will be helpful in the future.

Share: Spread the word; make other people know that this site existed and that they can utilize this site for any suspicious calls. The more people that will know this site the more that this site will have more meaning as a means for public service and public information.  This website is a good platform for people from the people in helping each other. Thru this website you will have that tool that you need to validate if your suspicion about a certain call is true or not.

These prank calls are risks to safety and property, we can never be always careful in dealing with things that we are not familiar with, the best thing that we can do is empower ourselves and report these suspicious calls to authorities and to any platform such as this in order for the public to know that this number is indeed a fraud.


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Vilma M. Gordon

Vilma M. Gordon