What Can Cause Hair Fall?

The causes for hair fall are many and it varies from person to another person, and it’s associated with various external factors. It could be related to medical conditions, family history, food habits, lack of nutrition, chemical usage, and much more. It could lead to many hair related problems and sometimes, it can result in baldness.

As per the regrow hair protocol review here are few factors that might be a reason to cause premature hair loss, such as:

1.     Hereditary

Early hair loss and baldness are often carried from the hereditary genes and it could be a most common reason for hair loss. It’s called female-pattern and male-pattern baldness and generally occurs in unpredictable patterns and results in bald spots and hair thinning. Family history carrying hair loss genes might also involve in hair growth reduction.

2.     Scalp infection

Your hairs protect your face from the accumulation of dust and dirt; it gets settled on the scalp. The bacteria, viral, and fungal infections might likely to occur, such as psoriasis and dermatitis that weakens the hair follicles and roots. This results in hair fall, breakage, and hair thinning.

3.     Medical condition and change in hormone

Here a lot of conditions can be included that causes hair loss, such as:

Change in hormone

Imbalance in the hormone might cause temporary and permanent hair loss, but the factors that influence the hair loss can vary and depends on the body conditions. This can happen during the postnatal phase and also at the times of menopause sometimes, hormone levels are exaggerated by the thyroid glands.

Skin disorders

Diseases caused by the scarring alopecia might result in a permanent loss at many scarred regions. The conditions can be some types of sarcoidosis and lupus and lichen planus.

Alopecia Areata

It’s said to be an autoimmune disorder, where your immune system will attack your hair follicles and results in hair loss. A study says that around 10% of people will suffer from the permanent hair loss and there’s no medication to cure the condition.

4.     Medications

Your hair loss could be due to the medications you take, and also when you undergo for radiation tests. Certain medications that are used for arthritis, cancer, depression, hypertension, birth control, and cardiovascular problems might cause hair loss. Too much intake of Vitamin A might be a reason for hair loss. Regrow hair protocol says radiation therapy for your head might result in severe hair damage and lead to permanent hair loss.


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Vilma M. Gordon

Vilma M. Gordon