Tired of the grind? Why not buy a smurf account?

Online games are becoming more and more popular since it lets people play with or against other players all around the world regardless of age and skill level. MOBA platform games such as League of Legends or LoL for short is a great example of online multiplayer games that let you interact and play with or against other people from different parts of the world.

In LoL, you start off by creating an account and choosing a champion from the characters that are available. During the course of the game, you can unlock other champions from levelling up as well rise in the rankings. While it might be fairly easy during the start, later on during ranking games that put you and your team against high ranking players, you might experience a bit of difficulty and of course a losing streak will definitely hurt your ranking. Players who often experience this choose to buy lol smurf accounts to have a fresh start.

Rankings are hard

It will come to a point where you might experience difficulty in increasing your rank, it may be due to unfortunate team ups or lack of skill but whatever reason you may have, bringing your rank back up might prove to be difficult even for experienced players. It’s usually hard to get back up after a long and unfortunate losing streak which is why some players opt to scrap their accounts and buy a smurf account which is already levelled up and is ranked. All they need to do now is to maintain and increase that rank.

No more long sleepless nights

The only way to get experience for your champion is to play and play and play and play some more. This is called grinding. You play for long hours just to get the needed experience for your champion to level up. Buying a smurf account will spare you from the effort of having long sleepless nights playing just to level up since when you buy a smurf account, it is already levelled up and you can even choose what level you’d want to buy, of course the higher the level, the higher the price.

Loads of new champions to choose from

When buying a smurf account, you get access to a lot of champions. You can choose how many champions are unlocked in the account you want to buy, but of course the price goes up depending on how many champions you want.

Getting a smurf account can be beneficial to players for various reasons such as getting a second chance at ranking or getting new unlocked champions just to see which champion they want to use and a lot of other different reasons, but what they all get is the advantage of having a levelled up account without having to grind.


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Vilma M. Gordon

Vilma M. Gordon