Reaching Your Destination Made Easy With GPS-Enabled Smartphones

Some people enjoy exploringnew horizons, while others are forced into doing so. Finding your way around a new place can be quite challenging, at least for the first few days and you know your way around.

You might find yourself at the mercy of getting directions from a friend, or a stranger’s compassion at the gas station to point you in the right direction. Most often than not, their directions are far from accurate, especially, when they don’t know their left from their right.

 A roadmap is something you definitely want to carry on you when you’re planning a road trip. Roadmaps can be confusing and clumsy to handle, defiling their ultimate purpose of leading the way.Instead, your life can get simpler and hassle-free with a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) device.And guess what? You don’t have to stuff another electronic gadget to your travel bag.

Most smartphones have GPS navigation embedded in them to navigate your way around. A lot has evolved down the years from localizing your search results to reporting your location on social media sites.

Handy orten blog and other such blogs provide information about the technological advancements in anever-evolving smartphone world.

Using a smartphone location finder comes with a number of benefits:

A handy friend to guide you all the way 

There are a number of free navigation applications available in the android market. Google map is one such navigation application readily available in most smartphones;you can download itfor free.Arriving at your desired location can be a cake walk with a smartphone location finder at your fingertips!

The voice-enabled feature comes in handy, especially, when you’re driving to a new location. Google maps havea variety of views, such as standard road view, satellite view, and much more. You can even choose your mode of transport, be it walking or driving. It keeps you informed about the traffic condition in advance, and suggests alternative routes to avoid it.

Help is just a click away!

An emergency might happen anytime, irrespective of whether it’s an accidental fire or you’re stranded in an isolated place.  It would be almost impossible to help you out when your location is unknown. Fortunately, your GPS device collects information from your phone provider or phone’s global positioning service receiver to pinpoint the cell towers.

The 911 services use your GPS tracking to narrow down your location in an emergent situation. If you’re caught unawares by a stranger and you aren’t able to reveal your location, your smartphone location finder will serve as a lifesaver.

Tracking your friends in a crowd can’t get any easier

Your smartphone GPS tracker doesn’t stop at locating a Friday night party; it goes way beyond than just that!Smartphones come with a feature to install applications helping you locate your friends in a crowded spot.

“Find My Friends” is one such application that can be downloaded to your iPhones; you’ll also find similar applications for android phones.

You would expect to see the results of restaurants in the vicinity when you’re searching online. The built-in GPS helps to customize your search and show the location-based services (LBS); showing the results nearby, rather than those which are miles away from your current location.

Gone are the days when phones were merely used just to stay connected with people.Smartphones are evolving everyday, and it’s vital that you keep yourself updated by reading Handy orten blogand relevant blogs that serve the purpose. However, GPS helps others in locating you which is good, especially, when you’re in crisis situation.

Furthermore, make sure you don’t give out your location to strangers; be mindful of how and where you use GPS application!

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Vilma M. Gordon

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