Keeping History Alive

This advice is for those collectors.  It is simple: Keep collecting!  I say this because collectors often encounter people who admonish them to rid their homes of “excess junk.”  Those critics often find themselves wading through miles of microfiche in the library to find an item for proof or evidence of some historic event.  People who collect news stories, stamps, photos, and other memorabilia often have valuable historic information which the public needs for the truth.  Having books that facilitate the storage and cataloging of a collection can be a godsend to a collector.  Such items can often be obtained when you use a coupon.  A collector can find the books and pages needed to properly store and protect delicate items, from ancient photos to a napkin from someone’s wedding. coupon

Collectors can quickly become scrapbook keepers.  Scrapbooking is deemed to be a craft, since the proper storage and protection of the items contained in the scrapbook requires serious thought and attention.  Putting together good scrapbooks can be a truly enjoyable activity.  Buying items from using a Groupon coupon or promo code can get one started scrapbooking an using the most attractive products for storing collectibles at major discounts.   Such collections are often a treasure trove of information to historians and writers seeking to find special facts and key information that can add interest or provide answers to historical questions.  Ancestral research is one area that frequently benefits from access to family scrapbooks.  And there are classic histories about everything from the Brooklyn Bridge to the experiences of original settlers of the colonies that have benefitted from scrapbooks.

So collectors should take advantage of an easy to use Groupon coupon and get some scrapbook supplies from  The savings can be applied right from your smart phone.  Use them to compile and organize your collection so you can show original items, historical materials and first-hand correspondence, videos, and photos that document the ordinary, everyday utility items such as coupons from web pages as well as milestone events in your personal history and the world’s. One day you’ll look back on it in awe.


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Vilma M. Gordon

Vilma M. Gordon