Indoor Car Cover Fabrics

Indoor car covers are designed to protect your car from mishaps and dust in the garage and keep your car clean. Each indoor car cover materials seem to be same, but there is a huge difference. Here, you can learn more about the fabrics used in Porsche Noah fabric 911 car covers, Dustop car covers, Tan Flannel car covers, and Form-Fit car covers.

Dustop car covers

The fabric of Dustop car covers is soft, composite, and flannel-like fabric which is manufactured using 4-layers of non-woven material. The manufacturer uses an ultrasonic lamination process to develop a high degree of indoor car cover with dust protection.

Here are some extra features:

Soft but strong outer layers: The two uppermost layers of the cover are manufactured from a combination of polyethylene and polypropylene. The excellent softness of polyethylene and the incredible stability and strength of polypropylene delivers the best advantage.

Dust barrier: The melt-blown polypropylene layer acts as a powerful barrier against pollution and dust. The multi-layer fabrication of a Dustop car covers delivers better dust protection compared to single-layer fabric and traditional woven.

Softest, paint-pampering inner layer: The high-loft blend of the inner layer of polyethylene and polypropylene pampers and preserves the most delicate car finish. The material used is soft like a baby diaper.

Form-Fit car covers

The car cover manufacturer presents a warm fit and an ultra-soft inside to protect your car’s fine paint. The covers are long-lasting and made up of 100% cotton terry loop fibers which provide a gentle touch and sheared to a fleece-like finish. The heaviness of the cover protects the car from reasonable scratch and ding.

911 car covers

The outer layer is a mixed blend of Lycra and polyester which gives the fabric a superior memory and stretch. The memory holds the shape while the stretch provides the body-hugging fit.

Tan Flannel car covers

The Tan Flannel car covers are super soft which cares your car’s polish and paint. Since it’s designed for indoor use only, but this car cover is comfortable for occasional outdoor use due to its poly-cotton blend.

The car cover includes few extra features:

  • Reliable use or long wearing for years
  • Semi water-resistant
  • Treated to oppose mildew and rot
  • 50% heavier than the entry-level car cover fabrics

Noah car covers

The Noah Fabric Porsche 911 car covers are made from high-performance non-woven which acts as a barrier against dust and dirt. Both bi-component spunbond and outer layers are created using sheath-core technology. The fiber has a polyethylene wrap for softness and polypropylene inner core for strength. It comes in light grey color which doesn’t attract the heat and protects from UV rays. This indoor car cover is constructed from antistatic, breathable, and dirt-resistant fabric.

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