How to use google fax?

Google had introduced the Gmail as an email service and it has the main feature as sending fax and receiving fax from anywhere. If you have the internet facility and google account, then you can send and receive the fax. By using google fax number, you can send the message and it will be allowed to forward incoming and sending the message in the online service provider. Online fax number is the virtual phone number for every google fax account and it will be unique. Fax number which is used to follow the incoming and outgoing message at anytime. By entering the fax number in the email, you should enter the space or dash in between the fax number.

Most of the people need online scanned document instead of getting printed document. By using online fax service, you can be sending and scanning the document and it will be reduced the time and save your money. If you are using fax machine, then you have to plug on the machine anytime. Then only you can get the fax from online or otherwise you can miss the fax. Fax service machine will produce more energy and it will take time to deliver the message. Online service fax is the important things to set the automatic time when will the fax send or receive and it will report the message or notification to the people after the fax has been sent. You can send the fax by using google Gmail account is google fax. Here, we are providing the simple steps to explain about how to send the google fax.

Simple steps for google fax

  1. Login to your email address from the
  2. Select the online fax company to manage your faxes. You can choose any trail version for limited time period
  3. When logging to the Gmail, select the compose option in the mail button
  4. Select the file which you want to send, picture, or any other format of the document.
  5. You can also type your subject in the body of the email for covering your fax.
  6. Enter your destination fax number in the recipient field instead of the email address. Every fax account has the unique fax number. For example:
  7. Select the send option.
  8. It will take time to scanning the document and then send.
  9. Finish the sending process and it will provide the notification to you.
  10. Take the confirmation page.
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Vilma M. Gordon

Vilma M. Gordon