How to Pack and Move Your Electronics?

When you pack and move your home to another city, other than fragile and glass items electronics do need care and attention. The electronic items should be unplugged with patience because the connecting wires can get tangled and it could reflect for some unexpected mishaps. Make sure you have a box to dump the necessary cables and wires in particular carts, which could be easy to connect back when you get into your new place.

Here’s a step-by-step procedure to pack your electronic gadgets safe as prescribed by the experts by San Francisco movers:

  1. Make sure you refer the user manual where the special instructions are mentioned to move the electronic item safely without any breakage. If you don’t have the user manual or lost the guide, search for the manufacture’s web page and click for the online version or you can request a hard copy.
  2. Computer accessories, such as hard drive, CD, Wi-Fi routers, and other things placed in one box would be useful. Assemble them in neat order and make sure you have removed the connecting removable wires from the gadget. Before putting the CPU into the box make sure there’s no pen drive, CD or other things are connected.
  3. If your original box of the respective gadgets, it would be helpful and safe to pack them. In case, if you don’t have, make sure you take a box where the compartments are equally distributed to fit another gadget.
  4. If possible take colored boxes to dump the respective wires and extension boxes, which would be easy to identify and also to reconnect them immediately.
  5. Certain equipment needs dismantling, make sure you have noted down the re-assembling procedure which could be easy to refer later.
  6. Use antistatic packing bubble wrap sheets while packing the electronics to avoid electricity conduction. Don’t use the material that conducts electricity and that might lead to damage your equipment.
  7. Place the largest and heaviest electronic equipment at the bottom and fill the space with the antistatic packing stuff. Make sure you have filled the space with a good amount of material, which doesn’t cause rattles during shifting.
  8. Place the smaller items on the top and make sure they are equally protected. Seal the box with good packing tape and put a mark of “fragile” for safety measures.

After packing all the boxes make sure you don’t forget to add labels on each box indicating what it contains. If possible take experts opinion to pack your delicate and fragile items, which needs extra care. However, if you facing problem in packing and moving your home then call San Francisco movers who are always at your service.

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Vilma M. Gordon

Vilma M. Gordon