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Investing in wholesale jewelry and accessories is an important decision for both small and large such retailers. The Shira Accessories supply popular pieces of jewelry in mass so that consumers can make an easy choice from numerous options. In addition to latest trends, the list include traditional pieces. Here is necessary information from our website of main items under wholesale jewelry and accessories, we provide, for retailers.

  • wholesale jewelry rings: We design them as per latest trends. Artisans and designers understands the customer’s preferences and model them as suitable. Our wholesale jewelry and accessories staff inspects every ring prior of making it a part of inventory. Quality monitor system take care of the necessary improvement. We have been offering similar items pricing lower than any other online wholesaler.
  • wholesale fashion jewelry earrings: Every piece is handmade and skilful artisans and designers have crafted them with consideration. We provide earrings having numerous shapes and sizes, from basic hoops to plated ones. With 1000s pieces of different taste, required earrings options is no problem here. One can make any request at the time of ordering.

  • wholesale jewelry chains: With many styles, designs, metals, and adornments, it is buyers’ special choice. Whether it is an elegant chain or the one for pendant, we won’t displease our buyers. Chains made of brass and sterling silver with rhodium covering find place in our wholesale inventory. The weight ranges from four to ten gm. Versatility and chain’s thickness will satisfy your customers.
  • wholesale crystal jewelry: The high quality of top grade stone engender its uniqueness. Both prong set and glue-on methods make use in securing the crystals to the base. Crystals made of brass or silver with two tone or gold tone plating, or of pure rhodium. The stone colors are blue, pink, yellow, clear, brown and topaz, to name a few.
  • wholesale gold fashion jewelry: These products bring simplicity and are traditional. Major attraction in marriages and social gatherings, gold jewelry find a place in our affordable pieces because of latter’s long lasting demand.
  • discount wholesale jewelry: Being an active market for last few years, cheap accessories has driven sales to full. From elegant bridal wear to latest trends, you’ll see all such desiring products in our sales.

These are some items preferred in our wholesale list. For other info and future references, you can visit

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Vilma M. Gordon

Vilma M. Gordon