Free Tips to SetUp Your Own Gaming PC

Do you want to install your own gaming PC? Are you finding ways to customize it? You’rein the right place! Setting up a good gaming platform in your PC can be a quite daunting. But with a good setup guide you can easily turn your PC into the best gaming console.

All you need is a good supportive graphic card, best wireless gaming headset, and a few other upgrades to be done. Here’s a guide to help you build your own personalized PC gaming kit.

Update your PC’s graphic card drivers

Most PCs come with a custom graphic card. But their credibility to support your gaming needs some looking into. Most of the graphic cards that come with your PC don’t support extended gaming functions. But you can improve its performance by updating the ADM or Nvidia graphic card drivers. This can be easily accomplished using the control center in the AMD or the Nvidia Control Panel.

Updating the graphic drivers will boost your gaming performance by 60%. Always go for the most recent graphic cards because they give out awesome benefits in gaming. You can easily replace older graphic cards with newer ones and turn it into a good gaming console even in the older PCs.

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Defragment your hard drive

The SATA hard drive has an actuator that gives out a horrible sound when your PC is pushed beyond its processing capacity. Each time you do something on your PC, the actuator with its little mechanical arm will move across the disk. It searches the disk for the required data and retrieves it to the drive. While you load a game, your hard disk might get into overdrive mode and lead to the game hanging in-between plays.

You can improve your hard drive’s capacity to load games by defragmenting it a couple of times. When you defragment your hard disk, the files are arranged properly and all the individual information getstored together. This makes searching for data easier, and the hard drive doesn’t have to search far and wide for information on the disk. You can defragment all the gaming data together for faster access.

Don’t let your PC overheat

PC’s demand high maintenance when compared to gaming consoles. During your gaming sessions, the CPU and the GPU of your PC might get warmer; you need to keep a track of their temperature. If the temperature is too high, your graphic card might go down on its clocking speed and start throttling. This will affect your gaming performance considerably.

Always make sure that both your CPU and GPU don’t go beyond 50-60 C. You can cool down your PC by buying a heatsink or a liquid cooling system. While gaming, makes sure that your PC’s heat is dissipated evenly to avoid any damage to the GPU.

Get the right components

While gaming, you might need a joystick, best wireless gaming headset, a mouse, and many other components. Make sure you customize your PC with the right components. You can buy this customization individually or as a whole depending upon the game you choose to play. You can even change the video card, memory, and GPU depending on your gaming needs.

Tweak the in-game graphic settings

One of the simplest and easiest ways to alter your PC’s gaming performance is by making use of the in-game graphic settings. The auto-optimizers that come with the AMD and Nvidia graphic cards decide your graphic interface, but you can change few graphic settings to achieve the best gaming display. You could change the resolution, framerate, and such other display parameters to improvise the graphics.

Now that you know how to setup a gaming PC, you can start playing your favorite games using your own personalized PC.

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