Establishing my own Simple but Fun Beach Resort

As an ordinary Filipino, my family inherited a vacant lot which is fronting a beach side. Unfortunately, we don’t have the sufficient fund to erect any infrastructure in that lot and still not utilized until now. Both of my parents are set on their plan on construction family home vacation in that lot.

But on other hands, as a civil engineer and a business minded person, I find another use of the lot. Instead, I can develop it into a resort which emphasizes in the beauty of the place and simplicity. In this perspective, the needed capital to establish the business decreases dramatically.

Natural Aesthetic

Instead of erecting fancy buildings in the lot, I could start first building nipa huts since there are much cheaper but blend in the beach naturally. By starting small, I can start saving up funds from rental revenues from nipa huts to further develop my resort.  I could also lay gravels on a certain area to be utilized as adequate parking space for the visitors.

I could also start in erecting utilities such as lighting fixtures, clean water, bathrooms and shower rooms. Once all of these basic needs are established, I can start planning for big infrastructures since maintenance cost of a very simple resort is not that costly and can provide a huge sum of money during peak seasons.

The First Expansion

I would prioritize in developing a restaurant in the vicinity so visitors can conveniently buy their beverages and food inside. In doing so, it can result in additional profit for my resort business. I can also start adding entertainment like karaoke, billiard pool, darts, and air hockey table.

But to be unique with other competition, I could try to incorporate rare table games that rarely seen in the Filipino community. I could start placing a foosball table which rarely seen and can attract many local visitors to rent it to try the playing the game. There are also no concerns in finding such product since there are manufacturers like Rene Pierre Foosball Table which is available on Amazon and can be shipped their product everywhere.

The Final Expansion

As my resort become more stable and introduce more revenues in my cash portfolio, I can finally start constructing small apartments to accommodate visitors that want to stay overnight. I can also start investing in large venues for reservation of social gathering and events.

Finally, I can install an inland pool in the vicinity that can be used by people who prefer the pool while enjoying the view of the sea and at the same time, give a sophisticated ambiance that the visitors enjoy.

Even though it will be probably a huge challenge to establish such resort, I can start by making small steps and achieve my goal in a long term planning instead of waiting for a miracle to happen and end up not tapping the true potential of the lot for decades.


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Vilma M. Gordon

Vilma M. Gordon